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Welcome to AutyFi, where you can bring every platform you use for your business and connect them into one centralized dashboard. This easy integration allows you to connect any software, including marketing, financial, and even operations. Once connected, set up goals for your business or franchise, pull reports, view data in real-time, and track your KPIs all in a single dashboard. See it for yourself in the video below!

AutyFi dashboard with marketing, financial, and operations

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AutyFi dashboard and scorecard

What is AutyFi?

An integration and KPI software for your business

AutyFi is an integration software and KPI dashboard rolled into one. Once all their platforms are seamlessly integrated, a business can connect each platform together and track their customized KPI metrics. Connect QuickBooks with your sales software in order to track true sales performance, or connect your operations platform to track employee performance. With every connection, set custom goals and track key performance indicators (KPIs) through AutyFi's Scorecard dashboard. This allows you to view true performance all in one place based on the metrics you want to see.

AutyFi provides data in real-time for each connection you make. With automated data syncs, you can see all your data in one place. If you run a franchise, you can see data for each individual location juxtaposed to the goals you set for them. AutyFi makes it easier to see what is happening in your business by providing a one-stop-shop for your data and goal tracking.

AutyFi Features


Transform Data into action with AutyFi scorecards. Set goals and track progress.
  • Scorecard Setup

    You can start with an AutyFi template or build your own custom scorecard by selecting the metrics you care about most.
  • Track Progress

    AutyFi’s Scorecard Summary displays overall scores for each Scorecard so you can analyze overall performance and know where to drill down.
AutyFi scorecard page


Your business at a glance. Experience a comprehensive snapshot of your business with AutyFi’s dashboard, enabling you to focus on key areas effortlessly.
  • Dashboard summary

    Each line in the AutyFi Dashboard Summary displays rollup scores for your business's critical areas: marketing, finance, and operations.
  • Scorecard summary

    Click on a specific month in the Dashboard Summary to delve into the underlying scorecards. Quickly identify problem areas and drill down into scorecards for a comprehensive analysis.
AutyFi's dashboard image


Standardize source data and improve data quality with AutyFi. Gaining insights has never been this easy.
  • Auto Mapping

    Leverage AutyFi's auto-mapping tool to effortlessly map standard lists to your source data where matches already exist.
  • Conversion Tool

    AutyFi’s Conversion Tool takes mapping to a whole new level by processing changes to your data lists in source systems.
AutyFi's auto-mapping page


Reporting the way you need it. Centralize reporting for all your systems in one place.
  • Advanced Filtering Options

    AutyFi empowers you with an extensive range of filtering options to tailor your data analysis.
  • Effortless Excel Export:

    Achieve greater flexibility with your data by effortlessly exporting reports to Excel through AutyFi.
AutyFi's reports page


With diverse connections spanning marketing, finance, and operations, AutyFi provides the comprehensive tools necessary for effective business management.
  • Available Connections

    Effortlessly tailor your business connections with our user-friendly interface. Browse through available Connections by category or utilize the search bar for a quick selection.
  • My Connections

    Simplify the management of connections across all your locations through our intuitive interface.
AutyFi's connections page

AutyFi Features

AutyFi's tools are geared toward a single purpose: getting all of your business data in one place so you can track KPIs and achieve your goals.

Easily connect any software using AutyFi's Connections feature, then use our metric library to set up goals and keep track of your KPIs with AutyFi's Scorecards. Take a comprehensive look at your Scorecards in AutyFi's Dashboard, or even normalize your data by matching it to your QuickBooks chart of accounts. AutyFi also features a comprehensive reports tab that is customizable to your connections.


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AutyFi is More than Just Reporting

Use data to grow your business

AutyFi doesn't just provide your business with organized data - it offers advanced business insights. With AutyFi, you can simplify complex data with easy-to-understand KPI dashboards. Whether you're a small, medium, or large business, AutyFi provides tailored solutions for software integration and KPI tracking so you can achieve your goals.

Test drive AutyFi for yourself and see how you can unlock new insights from your data today!

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Connect all your Marketing, Financial & Operations Systems

AutyFi offers integrations with marketing, financial and operating systems.

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