Dashboard Reporting

A centralized hub for your business

In today's dynamic business landscape, staying ahead demands more than just intuition—it requires actionable insights derived from data. Enter AutyFi's KPI dashboard, a centralized hub where businesses can effortlessly track their performance metrics in real time. This dashboard serves as a comprehensive window into the health of the organization, displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) across various departments and functions. From sales figures and marketing analytics to operational efficiency metrics, everything is neatly organized and easily accessible in one place.

With intuitive visualization tools and customizable features, users can tailor their dashboard to suit their specific needs and preferences. In essence, the KPI dashboard acts as a compass, guiding businesses towards their goals by providing clear, actionable insights—all conveniently consolidated within a single, user-friendly interface.

AutyFi's dashboard image

What is Dashboard?

Empower your decision-making with AutyFi Dashboard. Designed for precision and clarity, our dashboards turn complex data into straightforward insights, driving your business towards its goals with ease.

AutyFi dashboard demo

Dashboard Demo

Explore the power and simplicity of AutyFi's dashboard through our interactive demo. See how easily you can navigate and interpret your business data.

Dashboard Features

AutyFi's dashboard offers a dynamic line graph feature, allowing users to visually track trends and fluctuations in their key metrics over time. With customizable settings, users can tailor their dashboard to their unique preferences and priorities, ensuring a personalized and efficient user experience. Additionally, AutyFi's dashboard provides concise scorecard summaries, offering at-a-glance insights into overall performance and highlighting areas for attention or improvement.

Dashboard Summary

Each line in the AutyFi Dashboard Summary displays rollup scores for your business's critical areas: marketing, finance, and operations. The fourth line provides a quick overview of your system's connection status, ensuring a seamless data flow. Readily observe historic scores and analyze trends with clarity.

Dashboard Line Hover

Explore the enhanced functionality of our dashboard by effortlessly hovering over each dynamic line to unveil a comprehensive summary pop-up showcasing the overall scores precisely at that moment in time. This intuitive feature streamlines the comprehension of your Scorecards, offering a swift and insightful snapshot of your progress.

Dashboard Settings

Customize your dashboard view by easily adjusting date ranges and applying filters to tailor your analysis precisely to your needs. This user-friendly feature empowers you to optimize your data view effortlessly, ensuring you get the insights you need when you need them.

Scorecard Summary

Navigate seamlessly through your data with the Scorecard Summary feature of AutyFi. Simply click on a specific month to unlock insights embedded within the Scorecards. Instantly pinpoint areas of concern and effortlessly drill down into individual scorecards for a comprehensive analysis.

Connect all your Marketing, Financial & Operations Systems

AutyFi offers integrations with marketing, financial and operating systems.

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