KPI Scorecards

Set goals and track progress with customizable business scorecards

AutyFi is a dynamic software designed for creating KPI scorecards that empower businesses to set goals and monitor progress seamlessly. This intuitive tool offers customizable templates and metrics tailored to various industries and business needs, ensuring relevance and accuracy in tracking performance.

With real-time data integration capabilities, businesses can access up-to-date information anytime, anywhere. Additionally, interactive visualizations and dashboards provide clear insights, enabling teams to identify trends, outliers, and areas for improvement.

AutyFi scorecard page

What is a Scorecard?

Scorecards are a collection of metrics (or KPIs) that compare an organization's actual performance to its goals. AutyFi's customizable Scorecards allow you to pick metrics and set goals that are right for you. With AutyFi, you’ll be able to achieve your goals like never before!

AutyFi dashboard demo

Scorecard Demo

Explore the power and simplicity of AutyFi's KPI Scorecards through our interactive demo. See how easily you can navigate and interpret your business data.

Advanced Goals

With Advanced Goal setting, you’re able to set unique goals for every month of the year. This feature is perfect for organizations that project growth, organizations with seasonal fluctuations and more. This tool allows a business to customize their goals and accurately measure success!

AutyFi's advanced goal settings

Scorecard Setup

Setting up KPI Scorecards has never been this easy! Start with a template that AutyFi has provided or feel free to build your own with the metrics that are most relevant to your organization. Combine metrics from multiple connections into one scorecard and set goals for your business like never before.


Scorecard Views

With AutyFi's KPI Scorecards, you have three different ways to view your data: Grid, Tile, and Period. Visualize your data in the way that works best for your business.


Tile View

AutyFi’s Tile view displays your data in easy-to-understand graph formats. Choose from one of the following tile view options for each metric: pie chart, bar chart, line chart, progress bar, gauge or number value.

AutyFi's tile view

Source Drilldown

AutyFi lets your Drilldown go one step further by taking you directly to the source connection so you can validate your metrics. Need to double check a financial metric? With the click of a button, AutyFi can take you straight to the number you want to view in QuickBooks, or any other platform.

AutyFi's source drilldown

Scorecard Drilldown

AutyFi gives you the ability to drill down into all your metrics so you can take a closer look at your data, because the details matter.


Responsible Party

Assign a team member to a specific metric or scorecard, giving responsibility of company performance to your team. When Responsible Parties log into AutyFi they will only see the metrics or Scorecards assigned to them.

Connect all your Marketing, Financial & Operations Systems

AutyFi offers integrations with marketing, financial and operating systems.

Connection examples
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