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A hub for all your business platforms

AutyFi was built for the purpose of bringing all the platforms and softwares a business uses into one centralized hub. Faced with the challenge of not finding a tool to effectively manage business data, we set out to create a comprehensive solution. AutyFi is our answer to the need for a platform that not only simplifies but also revolutionizes how businesses handle their operations, finances, and marketing data. It's a singular platform designed to bring clarity, efficiency, and automation to the forefront of business management.

More than that, AutyFi was built so that an organization of any size could create custom KPI Scorecards across all of their platforms so they can track how their business is really doing. Our mission is to give business owners the ability to run their business with ease from a single location.

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Our Journey to Innovation

How AutyFi became a reality

AutyFi's narrative transcends mere technology. It originates from a pivotal dinner dialogue between the masterminds of UniFi - pioneers in accounting data standardization - and Autymate - specialists in system integrations. This exchange wasn't ordinary; it ignited a partnership dedicated to tackling the intricate hurdles encountered by businesses daily.

Fast forward through months of brainstorming, development, and relentless dedication, we are excited to unveil AutyFi. Born from the unique synergy between UniFi's expertise in automating intricate data processes and Autymate's prowess in data unification, AutyFi stands as a testament to the power of collaborative innovation.

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Bridging the Gap

Why we created AutyFi

AutyFi was conceived with a singular purpose: to address the fragmented landscape of modern business operations. Recognizing the challenges faced by businesses in managing disparate platforms, we at AutyFi envisioned a solution that would seamlessly integrate all systems into one centralized hub. This vision stemmed from the need for businesses to streamline their operations and gain a comprehensive view of their performance metrics.

AutyFi was designed not only to consolidate platforms but also to enable businesses to effortlessly track key performance indicators (KPIs) in a unified environment. By facilitating connections between various platforms, AutyFi empowers businesses to derive meaningful insights, make informed decisions, and ultimately, drive success in today's dynamic marketplace.

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The Promise of AutyFi

AutyFi goes beyond the numbers

Let AutyFi dive deep into the heart of your business data, transforming complex information into clear, actionable insights. Our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to succeed in today's fast-paced world. Whether you're steering a small enterprise or managing a vast network of organizations, AutyFi is tailored to propel you towards your goals.

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Unlock the power of your business data with AutyFi's intuitive platform. Explore AutyFi today to streamline your operations, track KPI scorecards, and access comprehensive dashboard reporting for informed decision-making.

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Connect all your Marketing, Financial & Operations Systems

AutyFi offers integrations with marketing, financial and operating systems.

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